Case Study 2:

Ralph J. Venuto, MD, FACS

Top orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Ralph Venuto of Newport Beach, CA.

Client Profile:

Based out of Newport Beach, Dr. Ralph Venuto is a leading orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist focused on the treatment of knee and shoulder disorders. From the LA LAKERS, to Olympic and collegiate level, he has treated some of the finest pro athletes around the globe.

Dr. Venuto is known to practice non-invasive treatments and has been at the forefront of regenerative medicine; where cells from a patient’s own blood and tissue are concentrated and used in an adjunctive way to repair and encourage regeneration of cartilage and other tissues. Patients with painful joint conditions are grateful for the alternative solutions available; helping them to avoid or postpone the need for joint replacement surgery and lengthy recovery.

His approach is unlike most traditional orthopedic surgeons. Dr. Venuto’s integrative medicine program is a holistic way to treat the whole patient and to heal properly.  He is also know to specialize in stem cell therapy in his practice.


The Challenge:

Dr. Venuto’s goals were to acquire more patients each month. His practice and website needed a huge overhaul of redesign and optimization for SEO. Much of his messaging and premier services were lost in the website and we had to redesign, restructure, and migrate to a new WordPress website for him that is more SEO-friendly and user-friendly.

On top of it,  Dr. Venuto’s practice could not be found on the internet whatsoever. He hadn’t optimized his site yet, and had not done any digital marketing or search engine optimization that can be recognized by Google.

On-Page Issues:

We analyzed the on-page SEO on Dr. Venuto’s website and saw that the page titles were not written correctly, nor was the blog a part of the WordPress website. The existing blog was redirecting to another hosting page which is not a great contributor to on-page SEO.  H1 and H2 tags, metatags, and other SEO elements were not structured or presented correctly on the website.

Next, we pulled a SEO Auditing report to see where his rankings were and what to start with. We discovered that not much of anything was done and the traffic numbers proved them even though they had a former digital marketing company work with them in the past.

The Resolve:

  1. Created a new WordPress Website that reflects the brand, messaging and SEO elements.
  2. Corrected the metatags on the on-page site.
  3. Started and executed the off-page SEO campaigns and strategies.
  4. Stronger presence in social media
  5. Created a lead capture funnel system.
  6. Audited organic and local rankings on Google search results.
  7. Tracked organic and local presence monthly and exposure in top 1st page rankings.
  8. Improved blog content.



When we first started with Dr. Venuto, his practice was not even recognized on the radar of Google. This means he could not be found on Google search. He had no rankings whatsoever.

Once we had executed consistent, monthly  SEO campaigns, we were able to see a progression in search rankings from starting off with no indexing to becoming in top 3 rankings or 1st page listing within 6 months on top searched keywords.

Dr. Venuto became searchable for top searched keyword terms that were also highly competitive in the market within 6 months on local and organic search.

We, then, decided how to improve the existing campaigns that were running and tweak them to attract more exposure and conversions.

Organic, Local, and Paid Search Rankings:

Complete Overhaul.

Major increases in exposure and search results in top local and organic rankings for his top searched keywords in top 1-5 rankings for search terms  such as “orthopedic surgeon, newport beach” , ” stem cell therapy newport beach”, and “orthopedic surgeon”.


When Dr. Venuto acquired one new patient, it usually costs between $4-8,000 per patient, and with this new acquisition, it easily recovered 6 months of marketing costs.