Digital Marketing Doctor

“Content is Constant…” — Judy Lin, CEO & Founder
“Podcasting is a huge media vehicle right now…” — Judy Lin, Founder & SEO
“You need to make sure all your content is meticulous and correct…” — Judy Lin, Founder & CEO

The Cohesiveness of Campaigns

“Digital is evergreen…” — Judy Lin, Founder & CEO

“Online reputation is everything…” — Judy Lin, Founder & CEO
“I use social media to demonstrate personality…” — Judy Lin, Founder & CEO
“The truth of the matter is, digital gives people power…” Judy Lin, Founder & CEO
“The size of client matters…” Judy Lin, Founder & CEO
“It’s a full audit of the business…to see where they are…” — Judy Lin, Founder & CEO
“The more specialized you are, the more of an expert you are…” — Judy Lin, Founder & CEO
“You have to perform…” — Judy Lin, Founder & CEO
“Social media adds to SEO juice…” — Judy Lin, Founder & CEO
“You want to do your own homework…” — Judy Lin, Founder & CEO
“Social media as an important component of digital…” — Judy Lin, Founder & CEO
“Gotta figure out how to use that budget to effectively & wisely spend…” – Judy Lin, Founder & CEO

Podcasts with Christopher Tompkins

Chris Tompkins of Social Marketing Academy Podcast Interviews Judy Lin on SEO, digital strategies, trends and more in this fun, engaging discussion!

Podcasts with Dex Zalec

In this full interview, Founder/CEO, Judy Lin of DMD Agency, sits down with teammate, Dex Zalec, to discuss the importance of SEO, and why this core digital marketing strategy is a critical element in building businesses and sustaining businesses.

What is the definition of SEO? Find out from DMD Agency, based in Carlsbad, CA.

SEO is a nebulous term and the average person does not understand what this digital marketing strategy term means. What are some misconceptions of SEO?

What is the difference between SEO and PPC? What does each digital campaign do and how can my business benefit from each other?

Is Paid Search a good jump start for a new startup business?

What are the realistic expectations for SEO? What is the time frame a new client can expect to see results?

How does the marketing budget factor into the aggressiveness of your campaigns and what you are able to do.

A discussion with Dex Zalec and Judy Lin of DMD Agency that pertains to the general understanding of what SEO is.

What does it take to stay on top of SEO rankings and search results?

What is a legitimate timeline for SEO services for a new client?

Know your practice of white hat vs black hat SEO.

What is the difference between Technical SEO vs Editorial SEO?

What are some examples of Off-Page SEO?

Why both On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO are needed for digital marketing?