The Process

We take the time to know our clients.

After years of experience, we have defined a methodology that has proven its success in marketing for our clients. We call it the “Marketing Implementation Cycle” in which every step plays a critical role in refining our client’s ultimate goals.

Smart marketing includes a smart system. We use ours to enable businesses to thrive, flourish, and elevate to a greater level of success and profitability.

Here is How It Works

Marketing Implementation Cycle:

1. Defining Strategies: We research and identify which marketing strategies are effective for your business and industry. We illustrate the right search engine strategies and media strategies or a combination of both online and offline tactics.

2. Implementing Tactics: We are your marketing team. We do all the work. We implement the marketing tactics thru design, programming, copywriting, setting up the internet campaigns, building the website and beyond…we take care of it all.

3. Tracking Campaigns: After we launch a campaign, we track it thru Analytics, Adwords, or any customized software or vendor tracking system. We monitor the performance and then, we measure it.

4. Measuring Campaigns: A good, successful campaign is only good if we are able to track and measure it’s success. Each campaign can be measured thru metrics and performance reports or any tracking mechanisms. At the end of the campaign, we need to see how well it did with the numbers.

5. Conversion Rates: We measure your conversion rates based on the sales or actual conversions and dollars spent on that campaign. We record the conversion rates of each campaign, then decide if we need to tweak or edit any campaign to optimize for better use for the next round.

6. Evaluating Success: At the end of each campaign, we evaluate the success of each marketing campaign and make a final decision to either continue or discontinue. It only makes sense if it works and it is delivering real results.