Feinerman Vision Center

Dr. Gregg Feinerman of Feinerman Vision Center:

LASIK and Cataract Eye Surgeon, Newport Beach, CA.


Client Profile:

Dr. Gregg Feinerman is a world-renowned eye surgeon based in Newport Beach, CA. His specialties include LASIK and cataract surgery using the most advanced and safest eye technology and lenses in his procedures.

Established in 2001, Feinerman Vision Center in Newport Beach, California is recognized as one of our nation’s foremost medical practices dedicated to vision correction. The center was founded by pioneering eye surgeon Gregg Feinerman, M.D., FACS.

Dr. Feinerman is a board-certified and fellow-ship trained LASIK surgeon who is one of  a handful of surgeons in the nation who is certified to perform a number of cutting-edge procedures that have proven effective in helping those suffering from a wide range of vision problems. He is highly skilled and experienced in performing LASIK procedures.

Dr. Feinerman is also the first eye surgeon to perform Crystalens surgery in Southern California since it was FDA approved in 2003 and he has performed the most Crystalens surgeries in the state of California.  He performs cataract surgeries using the highest, and safest technologies such as LenSx and Trulign lenses.


The Challenge:

Dr. Feinerman’s goals were to increase LASIK and cataract patients per month. His LASIK and cataract sales were dwindling due to the lack of active promotions and aggressive, consistent marketing.  Since there were medical laws and guidelines to abide by, we were limited in providing any active promotions for cataracts specifically. With LASIK, we were able to lower the price to an appealing price. We decided how to promote this new promotion of LASIK $1,895 promo per eye in multiple digital marketing campaigns and strategies.

The Resolve:

  1. Created a LASIK promo package deal that was appealing.
  2. Decided which marketing venues to execute.
  3. What collateral was needed to support this campaign.
  4. Tracking report to measure sales.
  5. Final sales results
  6. Determine successful or not successful.


Initially, the promo was set at $1,999 Per Eye, but it was not enough to capture attention and buys. After running a promo for a month at $1,999, we decided to lower it to $1,895 and changed a few purchase conditions that’s more favorable for the patients. We saw a dramatic increase in sales within the change to gain over 30% increase in profits.

We, then, decided how to improve the existing campaigns that were running and tweak them to attract more exposure and conversions.

Organic, Local, and Paid Search Rankings:

Dr. Feinerman and his business, Feinerman Vision Center became very notable in top Google organic, local, and paid search for his industry. His rankings on all three fronts were placed at 1-3 rankings and on 1st page for top searched keyword terms, such as,”eye surgeon, newport beach” and “LASIK, newport beach”.

Revenue and Patient Increase:

As a baseline, we witnessed that within 1 week we obtained 52 new LASIK patients with the campaign we are running. Gross revenue totaled six figures in one week. This is excluding leads from other multiple campaigns we were running simultaneously.


With an increase of 30% in sales per month, we only spent about an estimate for $4.00/CPA in generating conversions in most campaigns.

For the campaign that generated over 6 figures per month with only 15% in cut in commissions for each sale and NO upfront fees in gross sales, it was a definite win for Dr. Feinerman.