Sober Medical Solutions is an alcohol rehab program and treatment center based in Orange County and Palm Desert, CA.

Our work for this client started from the ground up; there was no logo, no website, no collateral or anything else, but a concept from the founder.

We were hired to build a WordPress website and a branding package which comprised of the corporate identity (logo), business cards, and an informational brochure.

DMD Agency’s top designer, Michele Taylor, approached her creative process by learning of Sober Medical Solutions’s unique philosophy: to blend the medical FDA-approved treatment Naltrexone, a medicinal drug to stop the craving for alcohol, with a spiritually-based and holistic support program to address the individual’s complete well-being.

The result are the following pieces.

Sober Medical Solutions

Logo and Business Cards:

The colors blue and green are healing colors and enhance the holistic feel while illustrating the medical component of tiny blocks floating out as if the drug, “Naltrexone” is being released. The overall color scheme is a nice mix of medical and holistic with simple, clean, easy-on the eyes look conveying hope.\


Our goal was to provide a clean, elegant, sophisticated- looking website that was easy to navigate while showing the top messaging on the banners. The average person should know what business and service we are in within 5 seconds of looking at the homepage. We highlighted the top informational pieces with the Benefits of Naltrexone and what services we provide quickly. Our lead capture form, “Help a Loved One” is simple and easy to fill out on the right column as one of the streams for leads and conversions.

Other services included Search Engine Optimization and Google Paid Search.

Sober Medical Solutions


The classic, 8.5 x 11 vertical fold brochure is for the office or any business development leads. We kept it simple and to the point.